Gurameh is a fresh water fish and very typical for Indonesia. The Gurameh served in Gondang Legi Warung Sawah is fried on medium heat with slices of shallots, chili and kecombrang flowers, all mixed in homemade coconut oil.

The kecombrang flower, also called etlingera elatior, kantan or honje is a valuable plant to be used in Indonesian cooking. Not only the flower and young seeds are used, but also the fruit adds an exotic flavor to some Indonesian dishes. Other names of Kecombrang are kencong or kincung (Medan/North Sumatra), kincuang and sambuang (Minangkabau/West Sumatra), bongkot (Bali), siantan (Malay) and koala (Thai). In West Java, the buds are used for salad or boiled to be eaten with sambal. The isolated fishing villages at the south coast of West Java often mix the fruits and inside parts of the buds with chili for sambal and enjoy it with grilled fish. In North Sumatra Kecombrang is an essential ingredient to make stewed spiced fish.