Taste of Art, Passion & Style

Gondang Legi Warung Sawah, opened in June 2014, is located in the northern area of Jogjakarta. The restaurant, just a few minutes away from Jl. Magelang and Jl. Palagan, is surrounded by rice fields and thus offers the perfect atmosphere to relax and draw back from the big city bustle. Although the restaurant was just opened recently, its history dates back quite far. The traditional Javanese architecture, particularly reflected in the 150 year old Joglo, adds a cozy atmosphere to the restaurant to feel comfortable. At the same time exhibited art by famous Indonesian artists give the restaurant a modern and stylish touch.The presented art is provided by Art Management Srisasanti Syndicate. This combination of tradition and modernity turns Gondang Legi Warung Sawah into the perfect place for old as well as young people who like to enjoy excellent food in or just like to drink a good cup of coffee a relaxed surrounding.

The cuisine of Gondang Legi Warung Sawah is created with the utmost care and attention to provide you with premium quality at reasonable prices.You can enjoy our selected choices of Indonesian and Western food, while tasting a glass of wine or one of the numerous self-created juices and drinks that are available. Additionally, we are particularly proud of ourgreat variety of premium coffees, which range from regular coffee, cappuccino or espresso to flavored coffees and even up to special creations such as Hot Ginger Coffee with Honey.

Due to the extensive size of the restaurant and our well-trained and motivated staff, we are at any time also capable to serve larger groups (up to 200 people) in Gondang Legi Warung Sawah. For such events, we offer special concepts and packages. For more information, please see „Events“ or „Menu“ .